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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adventures of 2012

Whew, this has been quite the year. I hardly even know where to begin to reflect upon 2012. I kicked off the year with goals to challenge myself to grow in new ways but this year has exceeded expectations. I'm ending the year feeling confident and settled in the woman that I have become, in love with the life that I have created, and so incredibly thankful for everything that has brought me to this point. I spent much of the year gearing up for thirty, an age which I am already enjoying beyond measure.

Life is full, happy, and blessed.

Thank you for reading along throughout my adventures, here are a few of my highlights from 2012:

Took a trip to NYC to visit Kathryn
Had some terrific reflections on who I am
 Chronicled my dating life, well some of it
Met a boy who got me off the bench 
And thinking about what I'd really like someday
Had many first time adventures with Mallory
Traveled back to Arkansas for a visit
Reconnected with my girls
Traveled to Greenville, SC for E and Matt's wedding
Tea Party with Little M
Saw the play version of To Kill A Mockingbird
Spent lots of good time with the family
Enjoyed being a tourist in my own town
Celebrated special people in my life
Welcomed my new little love, Lilly Ruth, into the world
Had lots of fun with the Chi O Tampa Alumnae Chapter
Ran 3 5k races!
Learned how to decorate cookies like a pro
Went paddle boarding
Read some great books
Had lots of good life conversations with my Momma
Traveled home for Lauralee's 30th Birthday!
Celebrated baby brother Kyle's 21st birthday
Took off on a sailboat
Made a trip to Texas for Thanksgiving
And got to visit with Mags
Traveled to Pennsylvania for Steve and Sam's wedding
Met my fitness goals
Wrapped up my twenties
Rang in my 30th Birthday at the beach weekend with all my pals
Visited Morg and Chris in their new home in Georgia
Ran the Color Run - happiest 5k on the planet

While I have loved every minute of this year, I am looking forward to quiet time this winter break (bonus of being an educator) and spending the holidays with my cheerleaders, family and close friends.

Up next I will be rocking the wedding circuit celebrating the marriages of my close friends, completing a 10k and taking off to Greece! I am sure there will be lots of unexpected treasures in 2013 so I am looking forward to all of the adventures that await me. Until then!

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