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Friday, March 9, 2012

Who Am I?

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I have written several posts lately that dove into my past and for the last couple of weeks, I have been pondering how I would define myself in the present. In college, I took a leadership studies course where we were tasked with writing a paper titled, "Who Am I?". The memory of the assignment inspired me to explore that topic again.

The exercise helped me to reflect and articulate the ways in which I see myself now. I hope that it might also inspire you to explore how you define yourself.

I am (a):
daughter, sister and friend
aunt to my little loves
student affairs professional
reflective, loyal, independent, imperfect
inspired by my students
someone who believes they can, so i do
reader, blogger, yogi
drinking hot tea instead of coffee
peonies and hydrangeas make me smile
starting my ph.d.
still developing my potential
committed to chi omega and the junior league
full of grit, grace and passion
eager to travel again
being a better daughter and sister
obsessed with pumpkin, red velvet cupcakes and hazlenuts
my favorite colors are coral, grey, yellow, and kelly green
 devouring green apples and berries 
lover of a porch swing, a good shindig and men that open your door
looking forward to 30
less judgmental
watching my brothers become great men
a believer in handwritten notes, monogramming and wearing pearls
 a little mean or standoffish when i get my feelings hurt
practicing vulnerability
eating healthy and loving being better to my body
intrigued with reading about women
soaking in bubble baths
thankful for my successes
enjoying my life outside of work
channeling my inner fun, fearless, female self
focused on where i can contribute
proud of the life i have created

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