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Meet Jessica Fitzgerald

Welcome and thank you for sharing this corner with me!

I'm a small town Florida girl turned city dweller with a big heart for faith, people, caffeine, education, and adventures. I can often be found playing a tourist in my own city, making a list, planning an experience, or delighting in the community found at coffee shops. Letters, flowers, and books are my love languages. I adore pretty dresses, especially those that make a girl want to twirl around. S'more everything is my favorite. I believe that the center of every home is the kitchen and my favorite place is around the table. Southern talk warms my heart and dirt roads let me know I am home. 

By day, I am an educator, family advocate, and event planner. By night {and sometimes early mornings} I write here and share a whole lot of my heart with you. In life, I am a new bride to J and pursuer of people. We reside in Tampa, Florida where we share a sweet Bungalow home with our kitty Atticus Finch. 

Several years ago I began writing this blog to share in connection and conversation with others. As Flannery O'Connor once said, "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say", and that shared sentiment is what started this whole thing. This has been a sweet space to walk through life with others, in the pretty perfect days and in the messy ones. People who learn I have a blog often ask me what I write about to which I always respond, "life" - all of it!

I hope that this is a space that encourages your heart. I love connecting with you so please share your own stories and words in comments and connect with me on InstagramTo reach me by email, send messages to 

Wedding Day with J
{Photo by Laura Foote