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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Portrait of a Leading Lady: Lauralee

For almost 12 years, Lauralee has been a leading lady in my life. We met in junior high but did not become friends until my sophomore year (her junior year) of high school in our Geometry Honors class. During that year, we just seemed to connect and by the time spring rolled around, she and some other girls talked me into trying out for our high school varsity cheerleading squad. That single moment of "oh, why not?" turned out to be one of the best decisions.

The younger versions of ourselves

Throughout my junior year, Lauralee and I were fast friends. I was drawn to her pure joy for life and the simple fact that I could talk to her about anything in the world. From the beginning of our friendship, Lauralee gave me unconditional love and the strength that comes from the bonds of female relationships.  We would spend hours and hours talking (which is still pretty true for us now) about our lives. Whether it was waxing our eyebrows or having a dance party, we were happy just to spend time together.

Lauralee has grown from the young girl I once knew into a beautiful woman that I admire, respect, and hope to be a little like someday. While she is now someone's wife and momma, I still see in her that young, joyful girl I fell in love with. She is now a busy, working mom that dedicates so much of herself to taking great care of her family. Her husband, Tony, is one of the best guys I know and their marriage is a great example for the rest of us. And then there are my two little best friends, also known as Tony and Lauralee's daughters, Ella and Olivia. Together they are one superstar family.

Being that her 30th Birthday is this weekend, I thought it only fitting to honor my friend as this month's Leading Lady. Thank you, Lauralee, for your friendship, love, encouragement, and for all of the fun we have had together. I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life! Happy Birthday!

I am pleased to introduce you to Lauralee!

Age: 30 (in a few days!)
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Location: Middleburg, FL

Describe yourself in one word: supercalifragilisticexpialidoc

What is your favorite book: US Weekly Magazine

What is your favorite music: Depends on my mood but usually Christian

What inspires you: People's selflessness

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment: My family

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about you: That I'm tough, I'm the biggest sap these days but I'm cool with it

What is the best advice you ever received: Live each moment instead of thinking about tomorrow. This is so much easier said than done for me

What would you tell your younger self? Don't stress about the things you can't control

What do you love most about you?  The fact that I saved this question for last and still can't think of an answer. I guess that I do pretty well at keeping  myself in check but it’s also one of my least favorite things about me though

Describe your idea of a perfect day. Just me, my husband and our girls going out to the beach or park on a pretty day with a picnic. Anything as long as we are together

What do you consider to be your greatest adventure thus far? Skydiving or hangliding. My greatest long term adventure is definitely motherhood

I feel most beautiful... in my man's arms

My favorite guilty pleasure... Seriously, you want just one? How about my Top 10? Madonna's Immaculate Collection Album. Like a virrrgin- WOHOO!! Chocolate covered strawberries are my weakness in life

Happiness is... a journey, not a destination

Something people would be surprised to know about me is... I only drink alcohol two or three times a year and I pull out my eyelashes when I get stressed. In case you are wondering, they take a long time to grow back

 I feel fearless when... I am in control of a situation

My life... is a roller coaster but the best one I have ever ridden 


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