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Monday, April 2, 2012

E gets married!

Four years ago I met E in Athens while we were both attending graduate school. E became the momma of the cohort - always knowing where we were, what we were doing and who we were doing it with. She could probably tell you the life story of all of us and quickly provide an update on where we are now because she is just the kind of person who genuinely cares that much.

When you are the one busy taking care of every one else, it is easy to shelter yourself from being vulnerable and that is what ultimately united us. We are tough girls, not much that we cannot fight through. E and I are always looking for the next challenge and, on occasion, we might even let someone help us.

During our summer internship in grad school, E talked me into signing up for this bootcamp class. Intense does not begin to describe it. By 9am in Georgia, it is already a hundred degrees but there we were every morning running stairs, doing push ups and praying that we wouldn't throw up. I despised the running but by the end of it, I desperately wanted to beat my mile time. E had already finished as I came around for my last lap. I was struggling. There is only so much 'Apple Bottom Jeans' can get you through. As I turned the last corner, I saw E running back to meet me. With her beside me, I beat my time and knew that I would always be her friend.

When I got the call that E was getting married, I was over the moon! You may remember our first meeting with Matt which pretty much sealed the deal that he was the one for our E. As we began to get ready to leave for the wedding, I felt an incredible sensation of nervousness. Silly really, but E is special and I knew that who she chose to spend the rest of her life with was not a light decision - all of that just made it seem like a overwhelming moment.

When E began down the aisle, she was already crying. When I looked at Matt, he had this calming, gentle smile on his face. E had not only met a great man but the one who let it be okay for her to cry in a room full of people. I almost wanted to laugh with happiness because I knew that she was with the person that would love her, challenge her and run beside her when she needed it.

The wedding and reception were both beautiful! A great time was had by all. I am so happy to have shared in this moment with E and Matt. I cannot wait to see what is in store for them. 

Love this view of her dress!

First Dance

Yes, we had a low country boil at the reception. Amazing!


Bride and Groom Karaoke to Sweet Caroline

Look who we found in the lobby.. with the leftover cake

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