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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Perfect Day...

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I finally picked up a book that I have been waiting to read entitled, The Art of Non-Conformity: Set your own rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the Word by Chris Guillebeau. In the book, Guillebeau dares his readers to create their world according to how they want to live. Clearly, this sentiment is right up my alley and I am thoroughly enjoying the thoughts that are being provoked from reading these pages.

The first exercise is to articulate your perfect day. Guillebeau asks that you describe this day in great detail, beginning to end. The idea is that once you are aware of the life you want, you should craft plans to get closer to living this perfect day. When I read the exercise I laughed because I had just had this "what would your perfect day be?" conversation a few days before. The first time I answered this question, my answer was a rambling hot mess (partly because the person I was discussing it with had such a great answer that it made me flustered) but when I was executing this exercise, I really just let my mind wander and explore this idea.

On my perfect day...

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I would wake up at 7:30am, not because the alarm is ringing but because it is already a gorgeous day outside and the sun in shinning through my windows. Still a little groggy, I roll over to cuddle for a bit with my husband before rising out of bed to make breakfast. When my feet hit the floor, I realize that it is turning fall because I feel a slight chill in the air. In our little cottage on the lake, I look out the window to the water as I prepare coffee. By 8:30am, I am drinking a cup of coffee while reading the Saturday morning paper or catching up on blogs. The kitchen would smell like bacon and I would scramble egg whites mixed with bell pepper to compliment our meal. Over breakfast, my husband and I would discuss our plans for the day before setting off on our own adventures. I would take in a morning hot yoga class followed by a trip to the farmers market to pick up fresh veggies for the week. Afterwards, I return home for a little lite lunch - salad greens with red onion, cucumber, bell pepper, and red wine vinegar. I would enjoy my salad outside on the porch soaking up the sunshine. After lunch, the mister would come home and we would spend a little quality time together out on the boat or going for a run. There would be no cell phones or television, just the two of us enjoying the afternoon together. Around 6pm, we would turn on our favorite music to prepare a little supper for a few friends and/or family members. My husband would cook some meat on the grill while I roasted up some veggies inside and talked with my favorite girls. After supper, we would build a small bonfire to roast smores and enjoy conversation with the people closest to us. At 9:00pm, we would say goodbye to our last guest and decide that all of the dishes could wait until the morning. My husband would pull me in close to kiss me and suggest that we get in a little practice making that baby we keep talking about having.

Exercises such as these are kind of easy for me, I am the ultimate idealist and could get lost in my imagination for hours until my logic rears its head and I get it together. When I was writing this perfect day, it surprised me to find that so much of it involved a partner. After all, I am the girl who is perpetually perfectly okay with being alone. I guess that I am moving into a new phase. I could be ready to create space for somebody else in my life. I have no clue what that looks like but I am open, for a change, to the possibility.

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Chris Guillebeau said...

Great post and thanks for sharing your perfect day!