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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I might have an abnormal love affair with my zodiac sign, I adore being a libra. The qualities most often associated with my sign are pretty true for me, even some of those less desirable qualities. When I was younger, my friend Laura and I would buy those books that had an entry for each day with your horoscope prediction. You know, before the internet when you had to buy books.

We would spend hours devouring that book while walking up and down our dirt road or locked away in our bedrooms. Laura and I would try to figure out what would happen in our lives and read each other passages. When things came to light, we would be excited and freaked out all at the same time. To this day, I still have a fascination with it all. I read my yearly horoscope prediction and pop in to get an annual reading from a family friend. Some of you may think this is crazy or sacrilegious but I remain intrigued.

{the positives}

{some less desirable, some I like}

You have read along as I have had a good bit of growth and development in my life: personally, professionally, and most certainly in my perspective on romantic relationships. As I read my yearly horoscope prediction for 2013, I felt comforted to know that there are some rewards coming my way for all of the hard work I have done these past several years. I did not need a horoscope to tell me that, my instincts are keenly aware, but it was sure nice to see it in black and white (true to my libra self).

My favorite passage stated,

"You have had enough lessons in love and commitment to last you a lifetime. Now you're ready to put those lessons to the test by pursuing your true calling and passion. No longer will you be satisfied with simply scratching the surface of life. You're prepared to go as deep as necessary to create something of lasting value. You want nothing less than the truth, and nothing short of profound meaning." ~ Courtesy of Shine from Yahoo

Hmm sounds like some of the things I have been writing about. If only an ounce of it is accurate, I'm in for what is sure to be a year full of some exciting things.

I welcome it all.

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