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Sunday, January 6, 2013

happy 2013

As I've been thinking about this year ahead, I was stumped to identify specific goals that I wanted to achieve. I'm a goal setting queen but this year I just could not bring myself to set a list of things to accomplish in my personal life. I kept thinking about what experiences I wanted more of and how I just wanted to embrace the unknown in the midst of what is sure to be another busy year, or so my calendar already indicates.

"Be comfortable with your restless nature. Choose not to be settled."
~ Alexandra Stoddard,  You Are Your Choices ~

I took a yoga class Thursday night, followed by a bath with a hot cup of tea and piece of dark chocolate. Bless that little Dove candy because inside of that wrapper was the statement, "renew your sense of discovery". That was it. So simple. A list of things to accomplish did not appeal to me but intentionally thinking about experiences I wanted more of, and that those could lead to new discoveries seemed to be right where my heart was/is.

This year, I hope to have more.... bubble baths, candles, stationary to write notes, hours to devour books, evenings on the yoga mat, afternoons in coffee shops, uncontrollable laughter, smores by campfire, days on the water, long runs, food that warms my soul, learning, plane rides to fulfill my wanderlust, questions to feed my curious mind, people to meet, evenings that turn into morning, appreciation, and sobremesa, which in Spanish refers to the richness of the experience people have together over a meal.

Happy 2013! Let the discoveries begin. x.

"Funny thing about joy, is that you only really find it when you 
are too busy having fun to go looking for it"
~ Leigh, Standley, Curly Girl Design ~

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