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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vision Boarding

"Your intent should pour out of you. It should emanate from every cell of your being so that you attract the people and circumstances that can support you in manifesting your desires."
~ Dianne Collins

I found yoga while spending a semester interning in Washington, DC. That summer I traveled to Spain and found that this practice transcended cultures and language barriers. I found a deep connection to practicing yoga and through it, a deep connection to myself. When I walk into a yoga studio all of the thoughts, stresses and to-do lists of the day disappear. For a busy girl like me, this is magical. As I have grown in my practice, I have become more intentional in every aspect of my life.

While living in DC, I had the pleasure of practicing at Tranquil Space. The thing that was so different about this studio was that it took a holistic approach and encompassed all parts of our lives. At the helm of the ship is Kimberly Wilson. She provides vision for living a purposeful life both on and off the mat.

Shortly after I arrived in DC, she published her first book entitled Hip Tranquil Chick. This book serves as a constant source of inspiration and thought provoking reflection. My favorite chapter features tools for living a vision-led life based on your values. I used this chapter to inspire my most recent art project.

Most yoga classes begin  with some deep breaths and the instructor asking you to set your intention for practice that day. This is one of my favorite parts of class because it forces you to think about the "why". As I began packing my things to move to Florida, I started clipping words and images out of magazines that provided vision and intention for my next journey. I wanted the beginning of this journey to be as purposeful as the decision process I went through to get here. 

The first step was laying out all of my clipping and painting my canvas with this beautiful blue. Then I arranged all of my clippings and glued them on. Once the glue dried, I sealed my vision board with collage pauge (can be purchased at any craft store).

This project served as a wonderful intention setting activity and reminds me each day of my vision for this next phase of my life. It may change or adapt as life delivers the unexpected but I am happy to know that I have this little beauty to guide my way and answer the "why" if I forget.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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kimberly wilson said...

SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing and joining us at Tranquil Space! xoxo