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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thirty Before Thirty Update!

{Photo Courtesy of Indulge-In-Reveries}

In January, I created a Thirty Before Thirty list detailing all of the things I wanted to accomplish prior to the celebration of my 30th Birthday.

Here is an update on my list:

1. Get up earlier
2. Enjoy more live music
3. Carve out more time for friends
4. Go to an educational conference
5. Have long dinners full of conversation
6. Be less busy and more present
7. Have a creative outlet
8. Spend more time being a tourist in my own town
9. Start saving for the cottage house on the lake
10. Stay out until the sun comes up
11. Spend more time being quiet
12. Buy a red peacot
13. Go to a yoga retreat
14. Read Jane Austen's collected works
15. Take a Cake Decorating class
16. Continue taking the right next step
17. Pay off my credit card and car
18. Read Atlas Shrugged
19. Decorate my Christmas tree in my own style
20. Find the perfect pair of jeans
21. Be in a book club
22. Take a creative writing class
23. Apply to a PhD program
24. Explore moving closer to family
25. Take better care of my body
26. Have a Reunion with Chi O Pledge Class
27. Subscription to a local theater
28. Get rid of excess stuff
29. Redecorate Bedroom
30. Celebrate 30 in Greece!

I'm looking forward to the road ahead!

{Image Courtesy of Sunset & Silhouette Dreams}

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