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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Favorite Things: Entertainment Edition

This week's favorite things is entitled the entertainment edition because I am pretty excited about the lineup coming my way.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent aired its last episode on Sunday. I am deeply saddened by this because I have been a loyal watcher for the last ten years. Let's be honest, I watch all of them. Religiously! Thankfully, there will be lots of re-runs because I am not yet ready to live without Goren and Eames.

The Help. Need I say more!? I cannot stop gushing over this book. I am literally beside myself counting down until the movie is released. I read this sensational novel last summer and I have not stopped thinking about it since. The trailer is a huge teaser that I want to watch again, and, again.

This fall, the CW is introducing a new show called the Hart of Dixie. I love, love, love the south. I really love when people not from the south fall in love and find it as enticing as I do. I'm thrilled to watch the resident New Yorker fall to the charms of the South.

New Girl on Fox. This just looks precious! Girl after my own heart.

Oh, Brenda Lee is back! The Closer is back in just two weeks... on the edge of my seat!

Bridesmaids. I am clear that this movie came out over a month ago but I have yet to see it. I am the real life version of 27 Dresses so I am that this one is right up my ally.

Happy Watching!

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