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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Days of Summer

Me & Momma in Clearwater, FL
As many places as I travel of live, my heart remains below the Mason-Dixon Line. There is something so alluring about the south. People usually have strong opinions about the region, love it or hate it, I call it home.

Summer is the season of the south, maybe that is because it is just hot here most of the year. When I was younger, my life revolved around laying out, baseball season and backyard barbeques. I'm happy to say that not too much has changed. The summer always marks freedom, exploration and community.

Growing up, I could not wait to lather up with baby oil (Yikes, I know!) and get myself as tan as possible. I lived in my bathing suit and sundresses. I could not wait for night to fall and the lighting bugs to shine. Sweet tea, homemade ice cream and corn on the cob remained staples at evening meals. We would sweat to death during the day, nap during the afternoon showers and emerge for the warm starry skies of the night.

You can say a lot of things about the south but one value that I hold dear is the sense of community.  Summer brings out the community like no other time of the year. There are backyard barbeques, days spent on the lake/pond, festivals, family reunions, and long conversations had around the campfire.

While the first official day of summer is a few weeks away, I'm excited to gear up for the best time of the year. I spent the morning cleaning the porch and getting it ready for summer entertaining. Like any other good southern gal, I'm equipped with all of the essential summer gear (koozies, coolers, patriotic platters, ice cream maker, camping chairs, etc.).

Raise a smore and toast the beginning of summer to be filled with loved ones, laughter, seafood boils, drinks that are accompanied by koozies, days on the water, and warm nights!

Happy Summer!

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