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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things


I am not sure quite what it is about this sweet little flower but I cannot get enough of them. You know when something is on your mind and then you seem to constantly see things that remind you of it? It seems silly to think I feel that way about a flower but I cannot seem to escape them. Something about the peony just makes me smile. I have yet to find fresh cuts in Tampa but I am on the hunt.

Courtesy of Angie

Angie's Around the World Adventures

One of my best pals from high school set off to embark on her dream trip - around the world in one year. When she first told me she was contemplating this all I could think to say was "GO"! She did not need my encouragement but she definitely has my constant support. I am hoping that she will finally pen that book she has been promising me.

Ang always inspires me because she seems to tuck away the fear that creeps in and dive head first. I am lucky to call her my friend. She is a brilliant, witty writer and I encourage you to follow her adventures through her blog, or on Twitter @bigappleangie. You'll be glad you did!

Photo Courtesy of the Cooking Channel

From Spain with Love

One thing I am loving about Tampa is having the Cooking Channel. Really, it is hard to be productive at home because all I want to do is watch this channel. My new favorite show is From Spain with Love which features Annie Sibonney on a food tour of Spain. The show explores the numerous regions highlighting their cultures and of course, culinary delights.

I spent two weeks in Spain during the summer before my senior year of college. Spain has remained one of my favorite places and I frequently think fondly of that trip. This show is introducing me to new regions and I am gaining a deeper understanding of the integral role food plays in this culture. This is one guilty pleasure that I will keep enjoying!

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