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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

mags + bachelorette = athens weekend

One of my favorite cities in the United States is Athens, Georgia. I did have the great fortune of living there for two years in graduate school. While there, I met some of my closest friends. One of those people is Mags (or Margaret is her real name) whom I just adore.

After graduate school she moved to Texas for a job and met her sweetheart, Hayden. This summer she will be becoming a Mrs. and before she does we decided to celebrate in our old stomping grounds. Being back in Athens was special and we were able to enjoy all of our old places. Some are even improved while others seemed just perfectly the same.

We kicked off the celebration with drinks at the Georgia Theatre rooftop bar. This was certainly an improvement. Sadly, the theatre burned down a few years ago but they have rebuilt it and it is better than before.

Supper just had to be at Shokitini, aka the place for the best yellow sauce and fried rice you ever will eat. We were even able to sneak in a little time with Andrew and his wife, Katie, which was a treat. While at Shokitini, one might also do a little karaoke so we indulged. I can only imagine how amazing we sounded as we belted out some great tunes.

Of course the fun did not stop here. We took off for a little dancing and singing to the best of the 8E's. These next two photos are my favorites from the whole weekend. Pay special attention to what is happening around us. And my choke hold on Sarah.

The next morning we hit up an old favorite, Mama's Boy. Easily the best biscuits in town. I have no idea what they put in those things but they are killer.

We toured campus, had lunch at Cali n Titos, and swung through the air at a trapeze class. For our last night, we celebrated Mags at Last Resort Grill. Our last stop was Allgood downtown for drinks.

As you can see, it was quite a fabulous weekend filled with good food, great friends, and many special memories with Mags.

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