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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


While in Athens recently for my friend Margaret's Bachelorette Party, we decided to check out a trapeze class at Canopy Studio. I was honestly not quite sure what to expect or if my fear of heights would get the best of me but this class was an absolute blast! As an added bonus, there was a kid party there that day too which meant tutus! So, yes, we absolutely wore those. Our bride to be even got to sport a white one.

Mags and I had wanted to attend a class here when we were graduate students but somehow the time escaped us and we missed out. I am glad that we took advantage of it the second time around because we had such a great time.. and lots of sore muscles. Seriously, this is a great workout.

The class kicked off with some stretching and getting us used to being on the apparatuses. One of the most challenging moves for me, funny enough, was the one of the beginning ones because you had to go backwards. Bless our instructor and Jeff for spotting me so I could get up and through it. There is a reason I was a base in cheerleading. The loss of control thing, especially in the air, is not my strength. Once I got over that, it was a swinging good time.

Some of our bachelorette attendees did a turning spin thing. Although dizzy, they seemed to enjoy the move. My favorite part was at the end because we did a triple transfer. It was so freeing to fly through the air, using your own body strength to get you to the next apparatus.


If you are in Athens or there is a studio near you, I highly encourage this experience.

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