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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

I have been admiring those folks who are taking one photo for every day of the year. I am not sure that I could manage to remember to do that but I thought it would be a fun project for a Saturday.

The past couple of weeks have been full of long work hours and not much  of a break, even on the weekends, so I planned out a fun R&R weekend for myself to rejuvenate my spirit. I wanted to bring a little of me back into the hurried schedule that has been occupying my life as of recent. Taking photos throughout the day helped me be more present and appreciate how I was spending my day.

I kicked it off at 7:14am with a little cuddle time with Atticus. I stopped letting the cats sleep with me because its weird and they have started to wake me up in the middle of the night. Being that Atticus is shut out all night, he is ready to mingle in the morning and eagerly awaits me at my bedroom door.

My very own Atticus Finch

I had some time before my morning yoga class so I drank a warm protein shake and caught up on reading The Eleusis and The Hunger Games. Have I mentioned how much I love this book? I finished it yesterday and it was so good that I have to go this week to get the second installment.

I got so involved in my book that I had to quickly get ready for yoga with Ms. Jimmy. I have not been to a class in a bit so I was really looking forward to it this week. Of course, it was full of openers, ab work and deep stretches - exactly what I needed. In fact, I am a little sore today. I was so relaxed that I totally passed out during savasana. I rarely get my mind that calm these days so that was an extra special treat.

After yoga, I took a little joy ride in the car and jammed out to Adele's new album. I am over the top obsessed and am constantly listening to it at home and work. "One and Only" is definitely my new favorite song and I sing it.. loudly...over and over and over. Here is a little video so you can enjoy it as well.

I wrapped up the morning with a tuna sandwich and BBQ Popchips. Saturday had a summer feel to it for me and so a tuna sandwich was completely necessary. It actually reminds me of summers with my Momma at the beach - it is one of our favorites.

I spent the afternoon getting a massage, brow wax, and mani/pedi. The mani/pedi was definitely a highlight. I met a very sweet girl, Miranda. She was just precious and I was so relaxed that she told me I should stay and enjoy the massage chair while finishing up my book... so I did. It was lovely. Normally, I would be rushed but I just let myself be in the moment. Nothing like enjoying a good book in one of those chairs with a yummy starbucks. And my nails look fabulous!

When I got home I popped in my latest Netflix and watched a few episodes of Law & Order: UK. If you are a devoted Law & Order fan, as I am, you will love this new edition to the family. Crown v. ....

Although I had a full day, I was still ready for more. Quincy and I headed to Joses to partake in some ice cold beverages and chips & salsa. Perfection.

The whole day felt like the best day ever! I just enjoyed being able to do all of the things that I love. I feel restored and ready for the next couple of busy weeks. Here is a little photo that got snapped of me - I hope I look as happy as I felt.

xo. jm

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AllCupcakeLoversGoToHeaven said...

I love your ramblings, as you tagged your last entry, and I'm so happy that you had a wonderful day. We have to catch up soon - I hear about NYC next week. xoxo - KFoss