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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's In My Bag?

Courtney, a member of my CSAA family and fellow blogger, posted a "What's In My Bag?" edition of her blog and I loved the idea and borrowed it for Grits & Gravy.

I discovered that I have a ton of stuff in my bag. My Daddy calls my purses 'suitcases' because I like them kind of large. What can I say? I like to be prepared so my bag is a little Mary Poppin-ish.

A few years ago, my sweet brothers got me this lovely Coach purse and wallet. I adore it.

Here is a list of the goodies inside:
1. Vera Bradley Journal: I like to have something to jot down ideas and thoughts. Even though I have the latest technology, I'm old school and like to write it down.

2. Iphone: Addiction

3. Cough Drops & Tissues: I have had a wicked case of bronchitis thus the endless supply of these items in my bag.

4. Wipes: These always come in handy.

5. Glasses: Sunglasses and the seeing kind.

6. Sudafed & Advil: Like to have these on hand.

7. Orbit gum: have to keep it fresh

8. Hair clips

9. Camera: I never leave home without my handy Nikon. I had to purchase this one when my last camera died and I love it.

10. Pens & Highlighters: I had no idea how many of these were in my purse. There are a lot, guess I have a good bit of writing to do.

11. Gloves: I am currently living in what feels like Antarctica. Dramatic, I know, but this Floridian in freezing in these temperatures. I usually have a fun scarf in my bag but not really because of the cold. Scarves are my favorite accessory!

12. Baekgaard Travel Case: I use this as my everyday toiletry bag. I used to be a frequent flier and this just made life easy when going through security. It contains floss, lip glosses, band aids, lotion, tweezers, and more hair clips and bobby pins.

13. Rifraff Gift Certificate: One of my favorite local stores, visit their website and you'll understand.

14. Jump drive

15. Keys with my Fayetteville library card (thanks to Ella and Angela).

With all of these items, it is no wonder that I am always prepared and need yoga to rebalance my body.

Ladies, what is in your bag?