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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

The main theme of my Thirty Before Thirty list is to be more present. One way I am doing that is taking out time to document my current favorite things and be thankful for these little treasures in my life.

This week, I'm loving......

Lori McKenna's New Album, Lorraine.
This is on constant repeat in my house.

My new reading nook. While deep cleaning the house during the onset of my cabin fever, I decided to move around some furniture to create a more cozy space for reading... thus my new nook.
Currently, I'm enjoying The Hunger Games, The Tea Rose, and Alexandra Stoddard's Grace Notes with this stellar candle gifted from a student.

Snow days full of sleep for good recovery time from bronchitis.

New Friends.
We have a new addition to our Tuesday night supper/Glee crew. While he cannot actually join us on Tuesday nights, he has captured the heart of our beloved Justin. Alison and I got to meet Justin's new love, Zack, and we quickly fell in love with him too.

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Saturday brought sunshine and warmer temperatures.
While it is still freezing, I opened the windows to get some circulation and fresh air into the apartment.

Image Source: Supernatural Botanticals

Hitting the Mat.
After weeks off from yoga it feels great to spend some time back on the mat. I enjoyed a deep stretch class Sunday and Hot Yoga on Monday. Looking forward to being back at my favorite Wednesday class with Kristin.

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