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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

I was five years old when Dirty Dancing came out in theaters. I am not sure who let me watch it first and do not even recall the first time I saw it because it seems as though it was always there. All of us have things or experiences that trigger a sense of comfort and this movie has always served as a happy place for me.


My first memory of watching the movie was at my Granny and Paw Paw's, although it was already my favorite by this time. My grandparents had one of those huge televisions that sat on the ground. You know, the ones with the speakers on the bottom. I remember it seeming so enormous but I wanted to be as close as my Granny would let me so I would lie on the floor and scoot real close.

Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking letting me watch this movie but I loved it. I would watch the movie over and over. Several movies were purchased because they would literally be worn out. One summer, I learned the dances that were my favorites and tortured my older brother and cousin by making them be Johnny and doing the dance routines with me. My cousin Holly was the best because she obliged me. She even did the famous lift scene with me in the pool.

Out Dancing with Kath
I was never formally a dancer although it always seems to be a great part of my life with my Momma. One great thing about having a young Mommy is that she is totally hip, even if you never want your friends to think so. She listened to cool music and we were always dancing around or signing in the car. For alone time, my Momma would jam to music in her room. I was curious what she was doing in there but I figured that she was doing what I wanted to do which was dance my heart out in my room! Dancing always provided me a great space to let go and I still love to turn up the music and dance it out in my living room.

Dancing with Morg at her wedding
Luckily, I have managed to find good friends who equally love to dance it out. The Cheerleaders... just try keeping us still. Every Chi Omega function and Homecoming gathering was like a dance off. We frequented a country bar in Tampa where we would line dance almost every Thursday night. Morgan and I even made up a dance routines to a few songs that we loved in college. Kathryn and I would dance until the sun came up in DC. And when I moved to Georgia, almost all of my friends (especially Mags) loved to tear it up on the dance floor. My dance highlight as an adult was definitely at Melissa and Derek's wedding when Blake and I attempted to do the final routine in Dirty Dancing. I'm sure their wedding guests thought we were crazy but I did not even notice anyone watching.

Blake & I @ UGA Football Game

I miss school dances and nights dancing my heart out with my girlfriends. I wish we lived in the times where men would take you out to the dance hall. This past August, I was visiting Doug's family in New York. I was talking with his Aunt Helen and she shared that her and Uncle Charles would go dancing every Friday night, often staying out until the wee hours of morning. Why was I not born during that time period?

Maybe it is just a movie but Dirty Dancing captured me. Most little girls are dreaming of the Princes in the Disney movies but I dreamed of Patrick Swayze. I firmly believe that our ideas of romance and relationships are shaped from a young age and I guess it is no wonder that I loved pretending some day I would be someones Baby. She was strong, intelligent, did what scared her, and stood up for what she believed in. That is always the kind of woman I have wanted to be and I'm looking forward to my very own Johnny someday.

Melissa and Derek's Wedding

"She dreams of mermaid and motorcycles and meeting a man who can dance"

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