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Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorite Things...

Week of February 14, 2011

Adele's New Song
I'm crossing my fingers that this song makes it onto this season of SYTYCD. I love Adele and am really excited for her new album to come out. I'm only sad that her tour will not stop anywhere near me.

These phenomenal women
(From Left: Jillian, Joan, Ro, Jemilia, Me)
I love me some people but there are some that come into my life and leave huge imprints on my heart. My time a UGA gave me the richest experiences and best group of people that I could spend two years with. These women always humbled me with their courage and honesty about who they are. We bonded over unexpected similarities of our humble beginnings and family upbringings. They taught me how to give myself permission to be exactly who I am, even when that is not popular. After getting an email from Jillian this week, it made me reflect on the specialness of my relationships with them. Joansie and Ro have been a strong support network of calls, texts, and prayers.... I'm counting down until I can see them in May when Ro will say 'I Do'. Some people just call on us to be greater than we think we are and I am so grateful for that.

Checking off items on my Thirty Before Thirty List
Accomplished: Book Club, Education Conference, Creative Outlet, More Quiet Time, Subscription to Local Theater, Rid of Excess. In Progress: Cake Decorating Class, Paying Off Debt, Stabilizing Weight, Yoga Retreat.

{Image Source: Lifes a Feast}

Bubble Baths
A guilty pleasure of mine is soaking in a hot bubble bath with a glass of cabernet sauvignon. I have not had wine since Christmas, crazy diet, but I have been enjoying a few soaks here and there. Baths just soothe my soul. I find them best enjoyed with the old school, Johnson and Johnson Baby Nighttime bubble bath with lavender.

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