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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

When I was little my step mom began purchasing us an ornament each year which served as our Christmas Eve gift. I have an ornament for almost every year of my life that represents something I was interested in then, from scuba diving to being rodeo queen.  When I went to college, my Momma purchased my first bulbs of blues and silver which still adorn my tree. With all of the meaning behind my ornaments, I always feel a bit nostalgic about decorating my Christmas tree. I have had a hesitancy about decorating my tree an anything but these ornaments but I have decided that it is time to transition into ornaments that I buy for myself - I'm thinking owls and jewel tones. I may be a family of one but I still think it is important to start your own holiday traditions. I could never get rid of these ornaments so I will be displaying them in a large vase in future years. With the changing of traditions on my tree, I felt especially excited to decorate the tree this year.

Everyone has a process they use to decorate. I start by pulling out the tree and getting all of the branches ready. Then I lay out my ornaments to survey what will go on the tree this year. Some of my ornaments that would be prime time for the cats to break, I display in a vase. Once all of the ornaments are laid out, I test the lights. I strand the tree and then the fun begins. This year, I simplified and only put up a few ornaments. I even broke the rule and put up my tree before Thanksgiving because I am going home on the 17th and I wanted to be able to enjoy it for a bit.

I begin shopping for Christmas super early because I hate the crowds as the holiday grows closer so I am usually done by Thanksgiving. This year is no exception, although I still have a few lingering things. Wrapping presents is the most fun for me - there is nothing like getting a pretty present! I did a twist on Christmas colors and went with Green, Pink, and Red with white for bows. I got the cutest paper at Pier One and these little accent berries at Hobby Lobby (for a steal I might add). For a couple of years now, I have flown home for Christmas and have not been able to decorate my presents all that nice so I really got excited about wrapping this year.

Presents under the tree!

How cute is this paper?

Hope you are all enjoying the twinkle of your trees! Tonight, I'll be enjoying mine with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

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Gracie said...

LOVE all your ornaments! What a great story and tradition.