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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arkansas Baseball

While most sport spectators in the south eagerly await football season, I hold out for the All American sport - BASEBALL!!! The only experience that baseball lacks is tailgating... I love tailgating! I "watch" football for the pure enjoyment of being able to tailgate. The University of Arkansas has introduced a whole new concept in my life because fans actually tailgate at games and if you are a dedicated tailgater you might consider sitting behind the outfield in the HOG PEN where you can set up shop for the duration of the game. This area of the stadium is equipped with grills and restrooms (added bonus- they are not Port-A-Pottys). Last night we were amateurs checking out the scene but my masterful tailgating brain is fast at work planning our next adventures in the Hog Pen. Thank you Arkansas for bringing my two loves of sports together in one magnificent package!

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