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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Ice Storm

After several days of feeling quite anxious about the impending doom of the ice storm, it is here and melting away. Luckily for me, the snow and ice in Fayetteville is turning out to be just the little vacay that I needed!

My fellow Floridians might be wondering what does one do to prepare? I still have no clue but here are the essentials that I grabbed at the near empty Super Walmart:

1. Two bottles of cabernet - I figured this could serve a dual purposed of keeping me warm and full of alochol should I lose power and freeze to death.
2. Chocolate covered doughnuts - My new dedication to Jillian Michaels does not allow processed foods so I figured this could be an excuse to "live on the edge" and enjoy the high calorie, high chemical treat.
3. Beans - If I lost power I figured that these would keep me alive and full of fiber for as long as needed.
4. Turkey Chili - When it's cold out, this needs no explanation.
5. Candles
6. My faithful Uggs
7. A charged cell phone and my handy car phone charger
8. Books - this is my excuse to READ and not even feel guilty that I should be doing something else.
9. MTV, VH1 and Bravo - I am not sure where these networks find these people but they were pure entertainment.
10. Abbey & Atticus are completely spoiled now that I have been home for so many days but they are excellent cuddle buddies.
11. Camera - documentation, of course!
12. A well-educated brain that provided me with the reasoning that I should not test out the icey roads and stay put.
13. Denial - I actually brought "work" home for which I have successfully ignored for 3 days.
14. Cookbooks - I have probably 50 cookbooks, no lie, I really have that many. The break actually allowed me to have a "test" kitchen to try out all of the items I have been flagging. My cooking skills are soaring! :)
15. Audrey Hepburn & Pride & Prejudice: When you have the excuse to lock yourself away for days, these movies must be the soundtrack!

Cabin fever is officially settling in but hopefully this hermit crab can emerge tomorrow and maybe even catch my afternoon yoga class.

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