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Friday, March 27, 2015

{Friday Gratitude}

Dear books, I adore your pages and taking in all of your words. Time spent with you is never wasted. Dear Miss B, thank you for creating a safe space for me to unpack my heart and understand it a bit more. Dear Lauralee and Angie, thankful for a friendship with you that continues to grow as we walk alongside one another in this life. Dear dreamer, take responsibility for those desires and big ideas. Trust the wisdom and understanding you've been given to shepherd them. Dear J, thank you for sharing a walk with me and the space to talk through so many of the things we are learning. Dear bravery, you are a gift that is given to us and while we don't always know why or understand you, I'm sure glad you keep showing up. Dear D & K, I'm grateful that I get to love you, know you and be your sister.