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Friday, March 13, 2015

{Friday Gratitude}

Some days I get so caught up in what goal I am working towards or thing I am praying through that I let my thinking and emotions run wild. Those things are often not a real portrayal of my life. Sure there is growth, that sometimes looks difficult, but the reality is that my days are filled with good, an overwhelming amount of good actually. Maybe this is true for many of you too, but sometimes I just need to simmer right down, get out of my head, and live into the sheer beauty running throughout my life. I am spending far less time thinking, analyzing (although it creeps in some days) and resting in gratitude a lot more often, which is a really great place to be.

Happy Friday! Take a moment to relish in what you are grateful for today!

Dear warmth, thank you for returning and allowing some beautiful days outside. Dear Alexis, thank you for filling my Monday with laughter, conversation, and T. Swift's new album. Dear Mal Pal, I so enjoy our roommate chats, had while sitting on my bed, and the opportunity to pour love into each. It may be my favorite moment(s) in living with you. Dear sweet dress, you make a girl feel pretty. I delighted in having pockets all day! Dear Lisa, Skylar, and Kelly, thank you for inviting me into friendship and affirming that red table purchase. Dear beach, you did good things for my heart this week. I needed every minute I spent with you and I'm looking forward to our next date. Dear pollen, you are rough on my allergies this season, but a great reminder of God's beautiful design. Dear new job, you are feeling less new and more like this is exactly where I should be right now. Thank you for letting me take risks with how you look and how we serve campus. Dear big smiles, I love that you reflect how I feel on the inside. It's good to wear you. 

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