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Monday, September 8, 2014


One of my favorite bloggers, Today's Letters, does a letter writing series that I adore. Her husband also writes (swoon). I don't know if it is because letters may very well be my love language or if those two just write so beautifully that I can't help it, but I repeat reading them over and over. I appreciate their honesty and window into life. They've been inspiring my writing for a while and some say imitation is the best flattery, so I stole their idea and format for today's letter.

Dear Momma, thank you for our long chat, which I enjoyed through the sunshine in my new backyard. I cherish those life moments with you. Dear J, I love the way that music ignites you. My favorite way to observe you is when you are singing your heart out. Dear fear of the unknown, you've been creeping in a lot lately through all of my transitions this year. I'm getting braver. Dear God, thank you for the brutal dose of truth that reminds me I'm not in control. Dear Daddy, you didn't even know I picked Saturday's race because of you. I'm sure glad you're a survivor. Dear new room, you don't quite feel like mine yet, but I'm looking forward to spending some candlelit nights with you, featuring a quieter mind, cup of tea, a pen, and my journal. Dear love, thank you for holding my hand, calmly waiting for my thoughts to be articulated, and letting me cry when I need to.

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