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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What should every girl do once?

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A few weeks ago, I posed a question to my friends on facebook and twitter. I asked, "what should every girl do once?"

While the responses ranged, I found that my women friends wanted to encourage other women to be empowered, to do something on their own or  go outside of their comfort zone. Some of them were life milestones and others were little treats along the way. I loved the responses so much that I googled ideas, took my friends ideas and added a few of my own to come up with this list.

Every girl should...

1. Go on vacation, see a movie, and/or eat at a restaurant alone
2. Go skydiving, shark cage diving, or something else completely outrageous, fun and dangerous
3. Learn how to change a tire
4. Buy something wildly outside of your budget
5. Apply for that dream job or college you think you cannot get into
6. Fall hopelessly in love
7. Be a great friend
8. Figure out what you believe in
9. Travel (another city, state or country)
10. Live on your own

And yes, I heard a lot of "have a baby" from my eager parents who desperately want a grandchild. It has been noted. I especially loved Courtney's comment which was to "be present at the birth of a child because only women can do it!" Let's hear it for the girls!

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