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Monday, May 30, 2011

On The Move Again!

If you have been following my tweets or posts on facebook, you know that I am once again on the move!

palm trees outside of my new apartment!

In January, I created a Thirty Before Thirty list which detailed the 30 things I want to accomplish before my 30th Birthday. Number 24 on this list was exploring the idea of moving closer to my family and friends. I not only explored the idea, but 3 weeks ago I packed up my apartment and set sail for the sunshine state.

When I began writing the list last fall, I had no idea that the perfect opportunity would come knocking on my door step. A job opened at the University of South Florida doing exactly the work I enjoy. I was not ready to leave Arkansas but I threw my name in the hat and thought I could at least see what happened. After months of interviews and waiting, I received a job offer. I happily accepted and it has been a whirlwind every since.

Anytime I make a major decision, such as this one, I enlist the opinions and thoughts of those I trust most. I cannot thank those people enough for talking me off the ledge, cheering me on, and just being a supportive ear every step of the way. I am always so deeply touched to be able to have such a strong support network, it is an enornmous gift to be loved.

I do not  think that it has quite hit me that I no longer live in Arkansas. I miss my friends and students there but this was definitely the right next step. Everything about me feels calmer and like something is just right. I have no idea where this next part of my journey will take me but I am happy to be on the ride.

This song seems to sum it up for me right now.

To be continued...

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Jody said...

Jess, God puts us where He wants us to be. It's just all part of His plan. He just let's us think it was our idea. Can't wait for a road trip to see you. I spent a few of my growing up years in Tampa, and I loved it. The Cuban sandwiches in Ebor City are the best in the states. Love your new blog sweetie!