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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Musings of a Student Affairs Professional: Take Two

One of the challenging things that I find about the field is that even though you are surrounded by people it can be isolating. When you have designated yourself as the 'helper' for so many, it is hard for me to ask for the same kind of support from others.

The thing that saves me and often brings me out isolation is the family that I have created here (and emergency phone calls to Dr. Dean). We know it happens and that it takes us actively doing something to change it so we challenge each other, ask about the happening with our families back home and current happenings in our lives outside of work. I appreciate this because it makes being away from my family easier because I know that I am supported and loved right here where I am.

Today, I am taking time to appreciate the staff who are like family, keep me sane, support me, and work countless hours with me. Here are the people who share my days and bring such joy into my life.....

Alexis and Justin
A girl needs her friends. It is nice to have people you can chill on the couch with, grab an impromptu dinner with, discuss intimate details of your life, and laugh your tail off with.

He makes me laugh constantly and is little piece of home in Arkansas because he reminds me of "my people". Bonus: The man has moves and we know how much I love a man who can groove!

Good Friends

Jody and Rick
They take care of me and love me as if I was a member of their family. I am so thankful to work with Jody and have them as a part of my life. They also serve as grandparents to Abbey & Atticus.

I am so thankful for Angela because she is my guardian angel here. I talk to her about everything and cannot put into words how much I appreciate our relationship. Her and her family are so special to me.

Nikki and Kerri
I have so much fun and many adventures with these two. There are some people you just love being around.

My little friend, Heath.
I love the babies.... in a huge way. To my benefit, parents need date nights so we get to hang out. 

My Tuesday Night Supper and Glee Clubbers.

Lyndsy, also Heath's Mama.
Due to our advising roles for ASG, Lyndsy and I have bi-weekly meetings and they serve as a great constant for rich conversation about the work we do and reflection time on our lives. As an added bonus, we have become great friends.

My CLCE Family
I just love these people.

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Jonathan, Lyndsy and Heath Manz said...

You are loved by Heath and his mama too!