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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halloween in November

Best Meal in Fayetteville
I'm a little behind on current events but Halloween was so much fun that I had to showcase my good times with some Arkansas buddies. One of my best pals in Arkansas is Quincy - he is hilarious and that would do anything for you friend. He also reminds me of my coastal, southern home and we frequently enjoy shrimp, crawdaddies, and crab legs together (as pictured here).
I love October and Fall, in a weird obsessive kind of of way. While I like dressing up, Halloween seems more like the perfect time to eat fall treats and drink pumpkin beer while enjoying the cool crisp air. Thanks to Quincy hosting a rockin' shindig, this Halloween was all the things I love - great friends, lots of laughs, good food & drinks, and fabulous costumes. Of course, no party is complete without a dance off, Saints game, and costume competition.

While my 50's girl costume has debuted several times over the years, this was my favorite rendition of it. Funny thing is that this is probably how I dress in real life, as Kristina noted "your costume is cute but you know that you would wear that skirt to work if it didn't have a poodle on it". Good news, my full skirt dresses are all the rage right now and I am actually participating in a trend.   Here are a few highlights from the night:

Me with Rachel Zoe, aka Alexis

Alexis, Justin, and I

Justin and "Tammy", the costume winner


He just likes to pretend that he doesn't want to cuddle with me

Trojan and Bumble Bee Witch

Alison rocking my favorite costume
It was a great night had by all. I am positive it was also the latest I have stayed up in quite a while so it was good to get out and get my dance on. Looking forward to next year's festivities!

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